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How to check a Banner SAR

Alternative Loan Checks (October 03)

Accounts Receivable Go Live

Add an ANECDOTAL Message Award Letters
Change my Banner PASSWORD Banner Production Schedule
Change a student's ADDRESS ---------- How a student changes ADDRESS Bills sent to Parents instead of Students
BILLS sent to parents instead of student Crediting of aid - ends June 26 ---------- Aid charges & credits update
Check on FAFSA / SAR processing (ROASTAT)

Checks/Direct Deposits for Students -Nov. 24-28

Clarify tickets


Check to see if VERIFICATION is complete

Class Updates

SGASTON & Class Level

Check the "acceptable" FORMS for VERIFICATION Departmental Awards ----------------- Scholarships (scroll through list)
Do a NAME Search Direct Deposit after SAFARI
Do a WILDCARD Search EFC Calculations
Find out if PACKAGING was done for a student (RPAAWRD) "GO LIVE" date for FINANCE ---- COUNTDOWN to Implementation
Enter a TUITION WAIVER Imaging of documents
Get HELP with BANNER Items that prevent awarding
IF Student says they MADE A PAYMENT... Keymaster -------------------------- Budgets for Summer II
Handle "MISSING SARs" ------------- Handle "UNPROCESSED" SARs MBA budgets

Handle "MISFITS"
PLUS Loan Processing
DIRECT LOAN Processing



Loan Interest Rates (Direct Loan rates reduction)
Direct Loan Promissory Note Reprint Requests
Loan Processing
PLUS Loans 0304 Processing - Fielding PLUS Loan questions - PLUS Promissory Notes
PLUS loans made payable to students 9/28/03
Requests for Declining or Reducing or Increasing LOAN AMOUNTS

Make a RECORD 'CURRENT' Loans - 30-day delayed disbursements ---------------
Exit Interviews
Make a student INDEPENDENT by professional judgment MAP Awards
Outside Awards Mailing addresses for students in Banner --------------- Mailing addresses clarification (-013-93)

Print out an AWARD LETTER

NOTE: Prom Notes and Award Letters that PRINTED on Fridays will NOT be in the office for students to pick up until least the following Monday.

Personalized menus in Banner
PASSWORDS IN BANNER - changing and keeping track of them all...


Print out the "Banner CHEAT" sheet RBM after July 1 - RBM & DISBURSEMENT Calendar Aug03
Print out the "Banner ELEMENTS" sheet Reconsolidation of Direct Loans
Process SPECIAL CICRCUMSTANCE forms Refund checks -------------------Housing Refunds
Search for an SSN-----------------------SSN/SIN Alternate ID Search SAR corrections in Banner
Summer II Crediting of Aid SSN-UIN Converter
Understand the SYMBOLS in the Banner "STUDENT ID" FIELD Summer aid & summer loan limits
View a student's BILL & BALANCE Summer Vacations for Staff - Guidelines
VERIFY a student's RECORD (ROASTAT, RENARSLT. RENAVR04) Student Credits
VERIFY the latest RBM info Students NOT showing up in Banner
Submitting Student Charge/Credits to Bill/Brenda Tracking Group Problem - students in the WRONG group

Short Term Loan Procedures-----------------------------CANCEL/DECLINE - a - loan

ACCEPTING A LOAN at the front desk

Tuition and fees - 2003/2004
Tuition Waivers Not Disbursing 10-24-03
TUITION WAIVER entries UIN's in Banner

Revising a MAP AWARD



UI-Integrate Self-Service PowerPoint
UI-Integrate Self-Service website
Self-Service HELP
Enterprise ID and Password Help

The new web system replaces SAFARI -,from now on, SAFARI will only be used for Direct Deposit and Tax Credit information.

ADDRESS Issues are being Solved (10-15-03) New Grad Students hired at OSFA ------- New Staff & Job Changes
Waiving Finance Charges - Fall '03

Using the ROARMAN form

BANNER UPGRADE - 6.2 (10-12-03)---------------------New Forms in 6.2
Message Rules Form 6.2-------------------------------------SSN/SIN Alternate ID Search 6.2


I spoke to Rose at OSAC. The EXPECTED days for mailing checks/direct deposits next week are: Tuesday for PLUS refunds and Wednesday for other refunds. Therefore, unless there are unexpected delays, they should have their checks on Friday or Saturday.

As always, we need to state this is the EXPECTED day, that there may be delays.

Also, please remember to be very clear in answers to students about when to expect their checks. Don't just say that the aid will credit over the weekend. You must explain that there is first the creditting to the account, then there is the issuing of the check/direct deposit. I generally say they should have their checks by the end of the week. We've had a couple complaints recently that the students were expecting their checks/direct deposits on Monday.

In order to get accurate class level information on SGASTDN you need to make sure that you enter the term code in the key block. It is located at the top right hand corner. If you do not enter a term code you could get incorrect information.

When checking for class level on SGASTDN you need to make sure that you are looking at the correct term code. I have come across some students who have been awarded Direct Loans at the wrong class level for Fall because they will/should be the next class level in Spring.

An example would be a student who is by hours a sophomore for Fall but when they complete the fall semester will be classified as a Junior for spring. (654761734)

The term code for Fall is 120038
and for spring is 120041.

I did notice that I was not manually changing the term code but at times the code in the key block on SGASTDN would be for spring rather than for fall. The term field that needs to be updated to get the correct class level information is in the key block. So once you enter the students UIN you need to tab to the term field before hitting next block. I believe everyone should be able to enter something there. It is the highlighted field in the screen print below.

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On RRAAREQ, if you want to Alert staff members about anything to do w/ that student's record, you can add the word "ALERT" as a tracking requirement. This message tells them to look at RRACOMM for a special message. If you see an ALERT listed as a requirement, check out the anecdotal on RRACOMM.

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We have identified two funds - State ROTC 1929 and UILT Dorothy Iwig 16B8UL that are not disbursing because of a disbursement rule that needs to be removed in Banner. These changes have been requested, however the change will not occur until next Tuesday night, therefore the funds will not disburse this weekend. We expect that they will be disbursed on 11/2.

If you have students who are expecting these awards, please let them know that we are working to get the problem corrected as soon as possible. If they have an immediate need for funds, you may need to provide them with a short term loan. If you have any questions, please let Bob or I know.

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We have spoken with Ann at OSAC, who releases alternative loan checks. She has indicated there are about 50 students that she either didn't have an email address or she had a bad email address. Lori is working on sending emails and calling the students to let them know their checks are at Student Accounts and Cashiering.

If you speak with a student that has indicated they have not received an email or call from Ann in regards to their alternative loan, you can either call Lori to see if they are on the list she has, or you can check RHACOMM.

If there is a message on RHACOMM that we have received the check, they can just go to window 7 at Henry and pick up their check.

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Last night we had a couple errors during disbursement. We discovered that we all must follow a strict procedure when canceling awards that have been paid.

The scenario.
1. Student was awarded and was paid
2. A new award came in which required that an award must be removed
3. The FAA used the Status Code = CNCL
4. The award was cancelled but the PAID amount remained

Solution to the above problem:
Instead of using CNCL use ACPT and Zero ($.00) out the Offered and Accept Amounts.

We will be presenting this error to SCT, because we are sure that this issue was not present prior to the 6.x upgrade.
Please let Michelle or me know if you have questions.

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The ROARMAN form in banner is one that you may or may not be familiar with. During the initial Banner training staff were not trained on this form because we felt it best to train first on those forms that you would need to use most often. However, now that you are becoming more familiar with Banner I think you will find this form to be extremely helpful.

From this form you can get to ROASTAT, ROAIMMP, ROAENRL, RNANA04. You can also review budget, tracking and resources from this form. In addition, you can toggle from this screen to see the packaging group and date.

When you have a chance take a look at this form and see if you may find it helpful. If you would like me to provide some brief training on the features of this form during a staff meeting, send me an email with the kinds of questions that you might have and we will set something up.

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When a student is graduating and we are giving them their full year loan eligibility in the fall semester, please remember that we must look at half of their gross need and half of their budget to determine how much we can give in subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Also remember we can only do this for students that are graduating in December.

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Important information and dates for Direct Loans for Academic Year 03-04

All Direct Loans (Sub, Unsub, and PLUS) must be originated before the last day of classes. Which means the loan must be created on the RPALORG Screen before the last day of classes. An origination is separate from the promissory note. You can see if a loan has been originated by going to the RPALORG screen and looking for the particular loan. If there is a loan record on the RPALORG screen then the loan has been originated. You will also need to look at the amount of the origination on the RPALORG screen as increases to prior loan amounts creates a new origination record on RPALORG. If the increase is not there prior to the last day of classes we can not make the increase. There is a create date that must be 12/20/03 or prior for fall only loans and 5/14/04 or prior for full year or spring only loans.

For Sub, UNSUB and PLUS fall only loans, the last day for awarding any new loans is December 19, 2003. By awarding I mean the loan must be entered on RPAAWRD.


Increases for fall only loans CAN NOT be made after 12/19/03 as increases in banner require a new origination on RPALORG and the origination must be created by 12/20/03!!!!! Fall only loans can be paid until April 19, 2003 as long as they were originated before the last day of fall classes.

For Sub, Unsub, and PLUS full year or spring only loans the last day for awarding any new loans or increasing existing loans is May 14, 2004.


Increases for spring only and/or full year loans CAN NOT be made after 05/14/04 as increases in banner require a new origination on RPALORG and the origination must be created by 05/14/04!!!! Full year or spring only loans can be paid until September 11, 2004 as long as they were originated before the last day of classes.

(Val 10-18-03) Increasing Loan Amounts
This is just a quick reminder about PLUS and UNSUB loan increases. If a student and/or parent is wanting to increase their loan we must have the request/acceptance in writing. This is due to the fact that the PLUS loan note is a master promissory note so the parent no longer needs to sign a new note for every increase and the Unsub loan is a loan that accrues interest right away and we require the acceptance in writing.

If the student/parent is calling on the phone the increase needs to be put into either 1141DU for the Unsub or the 1121DP for the PLUS. When we receive the written acceptance the increases need to be moved from the 1141DU and/or 1121DP to the 1140DU and/or 1120DP respectfully. Putting 1141DU and 1121DP into accept will NOT pay out the increase because those fund codes are not set up to pay out since they are considered temporary holding spots for the increases.

(Val 10-14-03) Declining/Reducint Loan Amounts
Students and/or parents that have received a refund check and have requested that the loan either be canceled or reduced by the amount of the refund check need to wait to return the check and or make a payment until after the charge back of the loan has shown up on their student account. Please do not send a student over to student accounts to pay off the loan being billed back until the bill back is showing on the student account (Student accounts will not accept the payment/return of check until the loan is canceled on their account).

Also if a student has a refund check for more than a loan that is being canceled it is best for the student to cash the check and use the proceeds to pay off the loan bill back than to return the check and wait for another check for the correct amount. This is due to the fact that the reissuing of checks is a long process.

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Some very good news. We have been informed that the residence hall addresses have now all been updated in Banner. There are now over 9000 active residence hall addresses in Banner as RH addresses. As you may remember, we are now using the RH address as the primary address, followed by MA, then PR.

On another bit of good news, a fix to the GPGS interface reduced 3200 suspense records to approximately 845. Of the 845 person records 564 are UIUC issues. Les Cromwell and company from OAR are working on them now.

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BANNER UPGRADE TO 6.2(Bob - 10-12-03)
New forms and functions in Banner 6.x.
Let me know if you have problems. During testing on Sunday, there was a error in Chicago that I could not recreate. The situation was when repackaging. The amounts were not updated until the user signed out of Banner and back in. Every time I used the Automatic Packaging Option on RPAAWRD or the Packagin Fund Assignment on the ROAIMMP Form, the process worked correctly so I am not sure in what situation it happens. Please let me know if the packaging function does not work and what the record looked like before the problem occurred.

August 2003 Financial Aid Release 6.2
Confidential Release Guide 21

New Forms in 6.2 (10-12-03)
Group Inquiry Form (ROIGRPI)
This new form is a consolidation of the following previously existing forms:
* Packaging Group Inquiry Form (RPIPGRP)
* Requirements Tracking Group Inquiry Form (RRITGRP)
* Budget Group Inquiry Form (RBIBGRP)
* SAP Code Inquiry Form (ROISAPR)
All features previously available on these forms individually are now available on this
new form.
Form-level dynamic help appears as follows:
The purpose of the Group Inquiry form is to display Budgeting, Packaging,
Tracking, or SAP group information for all valid group codes.
Fields on this form include:
Key Block
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Message Rules Form (RORMESG) (Upgrade to 6.2 / 10-12-03)
This new form is a consolidation of the following previously existing forms:
* Requirements Tracking Code/Message Rules Form (RRRTMSG)
* Budget Group/Message Rules Form (RBRGMSG)
All features previously available on these forms individually are now available on this
new form.
Form-level Dynamic Help is as follows:
PURPOSE OF FORM: To associate a set of message codes with the aid year and code
specified in the key block.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

RPAIDEN replaced by SPAIDEN (10-29-03 Bob)

As a reminder, RPAIDEN is no longer a form in Banner. You now should use SPAIDEN.

During the Upgrade to 6.2 / 10-12-03, forms were modified such that the SPAIDEN form replaces all instances where the RPAIDEN form was previously called:

SSN/SIN Alternate ID Search (Upgrade to 6.2 / 10-12-03)
The SSN/SIN Alternate ID Search enhancement provides the ability to find a
student's current Banner ID when only the SSN (Social Security Number) or SIN
(Social Insurance Number) is known. This feature already exists in other SCT
Banner modules through the Person Search Form (SOAIDEN), the Non-Person
Search Form (SOACOMP), the Alternate ID Search Form (GUIALTI), or modulespecific
search form such as POAIDEN. Additionally, the Alternate ID Search Form
(GUIALTI) provides the ability to search against the Banner ID, Name, or Date of
Birth as well as the SSN/SIN.
SCT Banner Financial Aid now supports this feature through the Alternate ID
Search Form (GUIALTI) when a list of values is accessed from the ID fields for the
Financial Aid forms.


If a student lives in a Residence Hall, his/her refund check will be pulled and mailed to the PERMANENT address. All other refund checks will be mailed to MAILING ADDRESSES.

We will disburse aid (credit it to the students' accounts) again on 12/21, but there will be no REFUND CHECKS created from this creditting run. If the aid is greater than what is owed the University, it will just indicate a credit (negative) balance.

FALL AND SPRING aid will credit on January 11 and create checks @January 13. (Spring aid will be based on tuition and fee assessments as of January 9.)

First day of Spring 2004 classes is January 20. This is the date that the tuition and fees assessments are again determined for non-encumbered students. Aid will credit (disburse) on January 21 and checks created @ January 22. If there is any aid from Fall semester, it will credit at the same time as the Spring aid.

(Bob) 10-2-03
I have reactivated the RH , MA, PR address hierarchy for our mailings. The reason we can now do this is because "OLD" RH addresses have been expired and only new RH addresses for FALL 2003 are active. Active means that there is a "to" date for that type on RPAIDEN (Top right corner of address window).

The process is as follows:
1. If there is an active RH address, then we will mail to the RH address
2. If there is no active RH but there is an active MA address, then we will mail to the MA address
3. If there is no active RH, or MA, then we will mail to the PR address

This starts tonight with award letters. The downside is that there are 5200 active RH addresses in Banner and there are actually 9200 students living in a Residence Hall (RH). In other words, there is potential for a pretty large percentage of students, who live in the Res Hall, to have letters still sent to their MA address (typically their home address).

One step closer to it working better.



Plus loan refunds from the disbursement run on 9/28 and being mailed to parent addresses today. The checks are made payable to the student, but are being sent to the attention of the parent. An insert has been included with the checks indicating that a system problem resulted in the checks being made payable to the student rather than the parent. The text of the insert is as follows. If you have any questions, please let Bob or I know.

Enclosed are the proceeds from your PLUS loan. Due to an error we experienced in using our new computer system, these checks were made payable to the student instead of to the parent.

We would also like to point out that if your student was also expecting a refund from a loan or another type of aid, it may be included in the amount of this check. Although this is not an error, we wanted to remind you that this situation could occur.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact our office directly by phone at (217) 333-2180, by email at, or visit us at 506 S. Wright Street, Room 100, Window 7.

We appreciate your patience as we work through this transition and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Office of Student Accounts and Cashiers

We are no longer sending individual emails to OSAC in order to waive their charges. If there is someone who should have this charge waived, please give me the name and UIN (legibly, please!) and I will include them on the master list that I am keeping.

Also, when you talk to people about this, please let them know that they WILL see the interest charge on their October statements because apparently OSAC is not able to waive the charge before it is actually assessed. So, they will see the charge on their October bill, and credited with the November statement.

If you cancel or decline a loan on RPAAWRD please email me the UIN as these are not showing on my discrepancy list at this time. This is especially important if the loan has paid out as we will not bill them back until the RPALORG is corrected.

When accepting loans at the front desk with the blank award letters, please be sure to enter the amount that the student is accepting as there is no information on the front of the letters. This is to clarify any questions that may arise if the student has a previous award letter that may show a different amount than what is currently showing in RPAAWRD.

The Office of Student Accounts Receivable cannot waive finance charges until they are actually assessed. This will happen after September 30th.

When talking with students and parents regarding the waiver of finance charges, make sure you explain that they may see charges assessed on the University bill that they will receive in October. Assure them that we will request those charges be waived. The waiver of any finance charge will show on their October bill which will be sent to them in November 2003.

We will send an e-mail to all students for which we have collected their UIN # and name, so they will be aware of this information.

Just an FYI on the small refundable listed in the time table, we have included 2 new fees and when I sent the Critical Dates, this information was not included. Information is as follows:

  • Krannert Fee-$5.00-Refundable September 29th-October 3rd
  • SORF-$10.00-Refundable October 6th-10th
  • SEAL-$6.00-Refundable October 13th-17th
  • Cultural Programming Fee-NEW FEE-$1.00-Refundable October 6th-10th
  • Clean Energy Technologies Fee-NEW FEE-$2.00-NON REFUNDABLE

The fees that are refundable are refunded at the Cashiers windows of Henry Administration Building during business hours, 9a.m.-4p.m., Monday-Friday. Kim Wolken, Office of Student Accounts, 506 S. Wright St. , 162 Henry Administration Building, 217-333-5399

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This message pertains to students who are concurrently enrolled at UI (Home school) and
Parkland (Host school) in Fall 2003. For students who are enrolled full-time at UI, I have not taken any action because all aid should have credited in full. I will put anecdotal when I have time. If these students are seeking additional aid, only possibility is additional loan for Parkland portion of tuition which is generally a small sum (provided they have not borrowed maximum loans).Please check Parkland tuition with me before you increase loans.
For other students who are less than full time at UI, please check anecdotals.Thank you and please feel free to ask questions if any.
Leela Cheryan


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REVISE A MAP AWARD (Val 9-20-03)
When making a revision to a MAP award because of a conflicting waiver or over budget situation you need to make sure to lock the MAP award on RPAAWRD. If for some reason the student was sent through the packaging process again the MAP would recalcuate if the award was not locked.

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9-18-03 (Bob)
Changing and keeping track of them all...
There must be an effort by CITES to have us update our NETID passwords. I have had the same one now for several years and today when I accessed a Bluestem page, I was asked to change it. Of course, the new strong password rules apply as well. Further, I was informed that I could also change my password for my staff email account, but that is could not be the same as my NETID password. Of course now I have a zillion passwords as I know many of you do and if you would like to use a tool to store all your passwords safely, Jim can install PasswordSafe on your PC.

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9-3-03 (Bob & Michelle)
We now have MBA budgets that work. (major = 9875)
Wednesday night we will rebudget 117 MBA students.

KSR3HM - 1st year MBA/Res
KSN3HM - 1st year MBA/Non-Res
added $500 to books, $450 for Orientation, $2500 for computer equipment

KSNAHM - Post MBA/Non-Res
KSRBHM - Prior MBA/Res
KSNBHM - Prior MBA/Non-Res

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9-2-03 (Susan)
We should all have access to TSAAREV and TSICSRV which are the student accounts screens that feed into RSIAREV. There are advantages and disadvantages to the different screens. RSIAREV tells you the bare bones information which sometimes can make it easier to read. TSAAREV and TSICSRV both give you DATES!
Unfortunately, the dates can be misleading.

If you look at these screens for 658834104. The student already received the REFUND of $1136. The date of Aug 28 is very misleading. The -$1892 ACCT BALANCE at the bottom is from the Pres Merit and the Child of Employee credits and will issue a second refund check that should be created this week.

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Banner Form: RPASTCD---Short Term Credit Detail Form
If you cannot remember the form, there is a separate menu towards the bottom of the Financial Aid System Menu----Short-Term Credit.

In the CREDIT ACCOUNT field enter: STLOAN

TAB down to REQUESTED: Enter the Dollar Amount.
You may enter the date one of two ways:
Aug 19 2003
or 08192003
But when you tab to the next field, it will automatically enter

Tab to APPROVED: Enter the Dollar amount you are approving.
IF you are DENYING a Short Term Loan, Enter 0.

Tab over to INITIALS. Enter your initials.

Tab over and enter Dollar amount RECEIVED.


If denying a Short Term Loan or other information or conditions involved, go to RHACOMM.

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As previously indicated, students go through the packaging cycle and if VERIFICATION is not complete, the student will be put into the MISFIT packaging group. VERIF is not complete until you see the check mark in the VERIF COMP box on ROASTAT or the "Y" in the box at the bottom of RNARSLT. Having all forms satisfied is only the first step of verification.

Verification not complete explains most but not all MISFITS. Continue to bring other misfits to Michelle or me.

Banner will not package a student if he/she is close to the aggregate limit of Direct Loan eligibility---i.e., a dependent undergrad who has borrowed $19,400 in fed loans. He has less than $5500 in direct loan eligibility remaining. Banner put a hold on student's file on ROAHOLD.
Example: 654962246
If there is a hold on ROAHOLD, there is an "F" in the HOLDS field on ROASTAT. This HOLDS field is at the bottom of the first column.
(There is also a VF hold on ROAHOLD which is used by Verification. We very likely will be using IN (inactive) for students who tell us that they will not be attending UIUC.)

I am also seeing a "B" hold and an "S" hold on some students. I have not learned what these codes relate to and currently I do not think that they are holding awarding. I am still exploring these as time permits.

I have a list of the students nearing aggregate limits and am beginning to review it and work out procedures. You can bring individual students to my attention if you wish, but I am working on the list.

ROAHOLD students and SAP Cancelled students get a Packaging Group but no awards and no packaging date!!!!!!!!! These students do not go into the MISFIT packaging group.

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With Banner, a student can request that the bills go to the parent, instead of to his/her local address. The student must make the request, not the parent. If the student does this, the bill each month will go to the address specified, not just the tuition and fee bill.

Request is set up by emailing and indicating student's name and UIN number and that he/she wants to set up a BILLING ADDRESS. He/She then indicates the address where the bills should be sent.

Any questions should be directed to OSAC (217) 333-2180

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7-11-03 (Victor)
SHORT TERM LOANS I just had a conversation this morning with Roger Pohlmann, OSAC's Director, and they will be providing Short Term Loan Funds to students. It is Okay for us to process Short Term Loans as long as students follow the Short Term Loan conditions stipulated on the brochure.

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7-11-03 (Susan)
VIEW A STUDENT'S BILL AND BALANCE - As previously indicated, RSAIREV is the primary form to view the student's bill and balance. TSAACCT is the form to determine if the student has a delinquent balance. When you enter this form you get a screen that says "Printer Destinations." Click on the RED EXIT DOOR. It will take you to your form.

To get information on the student, however, you need to Click NEXT BLOCK TWICE.

The NET BALANCE at the bottom of the middle column, is the total the student currently owes. If he/she is delinquent, there will be a dollar amount in "+Past Due", second field from the top of the middle column.

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WHAT IF STUDENT SAYS THEY MADE A PAYMENT - Because OSAC will require about two weeks to get caught up on recording payments, IF THE STUDENT SAYS HE/SHE has made a payment recently, ask him/her (1) if he paid in person---if yes, he should have a receipt. (2) if he did not pay in person, ask how much the payment was. If it covers the delinquent amount, temporarily, it is okay to approve a short term loan based on his/her statement.

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7-10-03 (Val)
SUMMER II CREDITING OF AID - A student charge/credit form does not need to be submitted for Summer Session II. Summer II aid processing in SIS+ will remain the same as if RBM would be crediting the aid to SARR. For example, if you need to reduce aid, just simply reduce the aid on SIS+ ; if the aid needs an override, submit an override to Mary Ann. RBM will still be running as scheduled for Summer Session II. The only difference is that it will not process the crediting of aid to SARR. The crediting process will be manual and we will be provided with a listing of what students should be receiving from the RBM reports. We will still be receiving the same RBM reports as before for Summer II.

We will need student charge/credit forms for Summer Session I, Spring 03 and Fall 02. I am currently working on revamping those and getting together procedures so that everyone will know where to look for the new information that we need.

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7-10-03 (Susan)
Eliza and I just reviewed our first BANNER SAR today and thought others would find it helpful to practice viewing also.
When you are in the Applicant Processing Menu, Select *RESSHARE at the very bottom.
Anytime you see an * in front of a seven character name, it is another MENU, not just a form. *RESSHARE is a menu of forms from other areas that we will use frequently, i.e., Student Accounts and Records.
From the *RESSHARE menu or through Direct Access, select RSIAREV.
You may use UIN 655237683. The most recent transaction is at the top. Consequently is it best to scroll to the bottom to get the better idea of what is happening.
At the bottom you see 1ZZZ Balance Forward Charge $2293.93
This is the amount she owed at the end of JUNE. Then (Scrolling UP) you see Parking Tickets added. Then Transaction 7 you see a ACH Payment of $3000 and Transaction 8 is a NEGATIVE CHARGE. A negative Charge is a reversal of a charge (i.e. a credit).
If you look at the very bottom of the form, you see QUERY BALANCE and ACCT BALANCE. Generally, it is best to ignore the QUERY BALANCE. This student's Acct Balance is
-$726.07 so the University OWES her a refund, which is why the AMOUNT DUE = ZERO.

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7-10-02 (Susan)
With A/R (Accounts Receivable) going live this week, OSAC is going through their adjustment period and snags. The delay in giving the Short Term Loans was part of this.

Another item that may affect being able to provide answers to students is that the recording of PAYMENTS is very slow and has a backlog. First of all, from the end of June until A/R went live this week, NO PAYMENTS received could be recorded. This is true if the student paid in person at OSAC or if the payment was mailed in.

Secondly, since GO LIVE, the Cashiers system allows them to enter for about 10 minutes, then it locks up. Consequently, they are unable to get much entry done. As of yesterday, they believe it will take them about two weeks to get all payments recorded.
Obviously, they are working on the problem that is causing it to lock up and hope to get to normal functioning time as soon as possible.

OSAC will NOT look for proof of a payment received but not yet recorded. If this causes a problem, i.e., delinquent balance and student wants a Short Term Loan, check with a supervisor for procedures.

REMEMBER: Account balances and payments made after June 27 are now on BANNER

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7-8-03 (Jane)
Just wanted to keep everyone informed about outside awards. Since 3 of the new outside award fund numbers where not ready to use yet I started the outside awards with the following fund numbers for 2003-2004.

1703--outside award #1
1704--outside award #2
1705--outside award #3
1706--outside award #4
1707--outside award #5
1708--outside award #5

If a student receives more than 6 scholarships, I will use the fund numbers that weren't ready yet 1700, 1701, and 1702.

As in the past I will ask everyone not to cancel or change in anyway the outside award scholarship funds in any of the above fund numbers in Banner. Please call me if there is a problem.

I have entered all scholarship checks that we have received in, except what is in the mail today. I have entered comments on the RHACOMM about all scholarships that have been entered. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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9-15-03 (Michelle)
With statements being mailed sometime this week it is possible that we will get lots of calls from students who should have recieved a waiver from an
assistantship or fellowship and it is either not appearing on their statement or is on their statement for the wrong amount. Please EMAIL me the name and UIN of these students as you come across them and I will update their information before the next RBM run.

If you have any questions, please let me know. (Michelle)

All tuition waivers awarded by the University are now disbursed to students through the Financial Aid module of Banner. This includes academic, non-academic and graduate waivers. This is a very new process for us and we are still working through the kinks. Because of the complexity of our tuition schedules it has been difficult in setting up the tution calculator with every possible assessment.

As you come across students who believe their tuition waiver has been awarded for an incorrect amount please email me their name and UIN. I
will check into each case and update the amounts as necessary. As Angie indicated in a previous email we are already aware of errors in waivers
awarded to students in ILIR. These have been corrected and should disburse on Sunday night. However, it is possible that there are others groups of students that could have errors in the tuition amounts.

There are also a potion of graduate students who receive Graduate waivers based on their assistantship that are only eligible for the resident portion of a base rate tuition waivers. These include Law, Vet Med and the following majors:
> 0089 > 0365 > 0370 > 0280 > 0281 > 0074 > 0088 > 0475 > 0075 > 0090 > 0073 > 0071 > 0249

The major can be found on SGASTDN by clicking on the primary button. Another problem that I am aware of are Non-Resident students who were
supposed to receive a base rate waiver. The waiver should have been for the resident only base rate, however they were incorrectly awarded the
non-resident base rate. Accounts for these students will be adjusted on Sunday night.

(9-16-03 (Michelle)
Tuition Waivers that are coded to ROAUSDF have awards calculated weekly and are then updated to RPAAWRD. There is a table that is automatically checked before the award is updated to make sure that the student does not already have a conflicting waiver such a MAP. In these cases the award is not added to RPAAWRD. As an example, a student is awarded a Child of Employee Tuition Waiver, however the student has already been packaged with MAP, the Child of Employee Waiver will NOT update to RPAAWRD. It will need to be manually updated because the MAP may need to be revised.

Staff who are responsible for specific waivers that are updated to ROAUSDF need to check the document direct report weekly and update the awards to RPAAWRD. Procedures for accessing the document direct report are as follows:

Document Direct
Document Explorer
Report ID: OFA1TN01
Enter you Ax... And password - this is what you use to get into the
mainframe applications
Click on the blue box to expand
Double click on the most recent report

You will need to look through the report for the banner fund codes that relate to the waivers you process. If you have any questions, please let me
know. If you are unable to access document direct, please check with Jim.

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Go to ROAUSDF -->Go to userfield 11
Enter assigned code from the list below for the waiver you are entering. Please note you are only entering a code for fall/spring, fall only or spring only and this can be determined by the last 2 characters of the code. At this point we are not addressing

summer in userfield 11.
Next block to get to the userfield that corresponds with the waiver type you are entering and enter the dates of eligibility.
82 Child of Vet
83 Child of Employee
84 General Assembly
85 MIA-Pow
86 Special Education
To enter the dates of eligibility you enter the start date first (space) then end date
Summer I 05012003
Summer II 06012003
Fall 08012003
Spring 01012003
For a summer II start: 06012003 05012007
For a fall start: 08012003 06012007
**For the end date you use the starting month of the last term of enrollment.

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Reminder: You do not need to enter any data in RPAAWRD, it will happen automatically.

AROTF 1930 State ROTC--Army 100
AROTFS 1930 State ROTC--Army 100
AROTS 1930 State ROTC--Army 100
COE-CSUF 19AH Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--CSU 50
COE-CSUFS 19AH Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--CSU 50
COE-CSUS 19AH Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--CSU 50
COE-EIUF 19AA Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--EIU 50
COE-EIUFS 19AA Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--EIU 50
COE-EIUS 19AA Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--EIU 50
COE-GOVF 19AE Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--Gov St 50
COE-GOVFS 19AE Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--Gov St 50
COE-GOVS 19AE Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--Gov St 50
COE-ISUF 19AG Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--ISU 50
COE-ISUFS 19AG Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--ISU 50
COE-ISUS 19AG Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--ISU 50
COE-NEIUF 19AI Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--NEIU 50
COE-NEIUFS 19AI Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--NEIU 50
COE-NEIUS 19AI Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--NEIU 50
COE-NIUF 19AB Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--NIU 50
COE-NIUFS 19AB Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--NIU 50
COE-NIUS 19AB Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--NIU 50
COE-SIUCF 19AD Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--SIUC 50
COE-SIUCFS 19AD Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--SIUC 50
COE-SIUCS 19AD Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--SIUC 50
COE-SIUEF 19AC Child of Employee Tuition Waiver---SIUE 50
COE-SIUEFS 19AC Child of Employee Tuition Waiver---SIUE 50
COE-SIUES 19AC Child of Employee Tuition Waiver---SIUE 50
COE-SIUMFS 1935 Child of Employee Tuition Waiver SIU Medical School/ Other
COE-UICF 1933 Child of Employ T/W-UI Chicago 50
COE-UICFS 1933 Child of Employ T/W-UI Chicago 50
COE-UICS 1933 Child of Employ T/W-UI Chicago 50
COE-UISF 1934 Child of Employ T/W-UI Sprfld 50
COE-UISFS 1934 Child of Employ T/W-UI Sprfld 50
COE-UISS 1934 Child of Employ T/W-UI Sprfld 50
COE-UIUCF 1932 Child of Employ T/W-UI Urbana 50
COE-UIUCFS 1932 Child of Employ T/W-UI Urbana 50
COE-UIUCS 1932 Child of Employ T/W-UI Urbana 50
COE-WIUF 19AF Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--WIU 50
COE-WIUFS 19AF Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--WIU 50
COE-WIUS 19AF Child of Employee Tuition Waiver--WIU 50
COVF 1924 Child of Veteran T/W 100
COVFS 1924 Child of Veteran T/W 100
COVS 1924 Child of Veteran T/W 100
FROTF 1929 State ROTC--Air Force 100
FROTFS 1929 State ROTC--Air Force 100
FROTS 1929 State ROTC--Air Force 100
GAF 1927 General Assembly Scholarship 100
GAFS 1927 General Assembly Scholarship 100
GAS 1927 General Assembly Scholarship 100
INGF 1020 National Guard Tuition Awd 100
INGFS 1020 National Guard Tuition Awd 100
INGS 1020 National Guard Tuition Awd 100
IVGF 1016 Illinois Veterans Grant 100
IVGFS 1016 Illinois Veterans Grant 100
IVGS 1016 Illinois Veterans Grant 100
NROTF 1931 State ROTC--Navy 100
NROTFS 1931 State ROTC--Navy 100
NROTS 1931 State ROTC--Navy 100
SPEDF 1928 Special Teacher Education Sch 100
SPEDFS 1928 Special Teacher Education Sch 100
SPEDS 1928 Special Teacher Education Sch 100

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8-13-03 (Susan)
One more clarification about source of Addresses in Banner:
On RPAIDEN, the Address Information block shows you where each address originates. In the middle of the block on the righthand side there is a box titled USER. If it says FinAid GPGS Conv/Intf, the information is coming from RECORDS. If it says Paymaster, it is coming from Payroll.

Therefore, the FinAid GPGS Conv/Intf addresses should match UI Direct and if the student updated something in UI Direct, this address will update. If, however, it says Paymaster, even if the Activity Date is from 2002, a more recent update in UI Direct WILL NOT show on RPAIDEN.

Students should continue to update UI Direct. Grad students should have access to Nessie and they can update Nessie.

Bob is still working on a solution to this.

Low and Behold------we have discovered that Award Letters printed 7/18-8/1 were actually mailed to MAILING ADDRESS instead of PERMANENT ADDRESS!!!!!!!

Starting with last night's award letters, 8/7---they will be mailed to PERMANENT ADDRESS. The Award Letter run next week, 8/14 will also get mailed to PERMANENT ADDRESS, then we will change to mail them to MAILING ADDRESS after the 14th.

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7-1-03 (Susan)
If a student needs to correct an address, they either go to UI Direct and update the addresses themselves or
they must contact RECORDS.

They can e-mail or call (217) 333-0210.

6-9-03 (Susan)
HOW TO CHANGE A STUDENT'S ADDRESS IN BANNER: If a person notifies us that he/she needs his/her address with the University changed, refer the caller to the Office of Records: (217) 333-0210. Email for address corrections is:

The BANNER forms on which you can find the Social Security Number are:
(if the student filed a FAFSA---SSN is on the first block)

If you type in the name and hit enter (not the flashlight), if there is more than one person with that name, you get the ID/Name Extended Search Form. You can enter the SSN here and hit the flashlight. If a student with that name and SSN is here, you will find the match in the dropdown box. If you click on the name, it will then populate your KeyBlock.

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6-3-03 (Bob)
This was a note from security a while back explaining the new password requirements. This will explain why it may have been difficult for you to create a new password that you remember. I added number 6 an 7 below because new requirements have been added since this previous email.
- bob

Since March 19th 2002, AITS has been enforcing the following requirements on passwords used on the LAN.

    1. The password must contain at least one UPPER CASE letter.
    2. The password must contain at least one LOWER CASE letter.
    3. The password must contain at least one DIGIT: (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)
    4. The password cannot contain any four consecutive characters of your LAN account (username).
    5. The password must be at least EIGHT characters long.
    6. The password cannot contain any dictionary words, name, address, age, or any other easily found personal information
    7. The password must contain an underscore(_) or pound sign (#).
    8. The password cannot be any of your three previous passwords.

While these requirements help to significantly raise the complexity and strength of the password, they do not make the password unbreakable. Human nature can sometime weaken a password because other humans can more easily guess your actions. The guidelines found below can help to insure that your password cannot be cracked by exploiting natural human behavior.

    • Do not include part of your name, address, age, or any other easily found personal information in your password.
    • Do not put numbers at ONLY the beginning or end of your password.
    • Do not capitalize only the first letter of your password, especially if you are using a dictionary word or a proper name.
    • Avoid using intact dictionary words in your password. Safer methods for remembering passwords include using acronyms and unique miss-spellings of dictionary words.
    • If you use a dictionary word to remember your password, include random capitalized letters and digits inside the word, not at the beginning or end.

AITS Security would like to thank you for cooperating with our password requirements. We encourage you to also follow these guidelines as doing so will help you create a very safe password. You can change your password at anytime by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL and choosing Change Password.

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5-29-03 (Bob)
TUITION FOR 2003-2004 - the next Trustees' meeting is June 27th when tuition will be set. After that it will take about 10 days to configure Banner for the budget changes.

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AWARD LETTERS 2003-04 (8-4-03 Susan)
You will see 1ZZZ awards offered for zero dollars for undergraduate students. This is not a real award and has nothing to do with athletes. It is needed in the MAP Calculator program. It will not print on the students' award letters.

PLUS loans are awarded only to undergraduate students with NO NEED. Click HERE for more info on PLUS loans. There are no messages printed on the award letter explaining the PLUS, but there is a separate 1/3 sheet insert that will be mailed with every undergraduate award letter, telling them that the PLUS is an option and can be borrowed for the amount of Cost of Attendance minus RESOURCES minus the student's total aid.

The 2003-2004 Student Financial Aid Information Review will be inserted with every INITIAL Award Letter and every first revision. It tells students to access the ABOUT YOUR AID on our web site, provides information about disbursements and checks/direct deposits, CONDITIONS AFFECTING FINANCIAL AID AWARDS and instructions for loans. The instructions for the direct loans, including PLUS, gives them the electronic promissory note option. It also highlights the fact that freshmen will get their first credit of Direct Loan on Sept 26 (Feb 21 for Freshmen beginning in Spring). Copies will be provided to you.

Val sent an email giving more clarification about PLUS's. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO READ AND UNDERSTAND.

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If a student has a Child of Vets' waiver listed as part of their award (there were some students that had it listed as part of
their award).

If a concerned student or parent calls in, please check ROAUSDF line 11 (misc. waivers). If the student is a recipient of this award there will be COVFS in the value table. This means they do have the waiver, however with the tuition waiver problem we had with banner it didn't print on their award letter.

There is no problem with their award and they are still eligible to receive it.

If you have any questions in regards to Child of Vet, please let me know.

PAP MERIT AWARDS (8-4-03 Jennifer McCann)
There may be some students that receive their award letter without the President's Award listed as part of their award (there were some students that had it listed as part of their award).

If a concerned student or parent calls in, please check ROAUSDF line 10 (PAP Cohort Indicator). If the student is a recipient of this award there will be 20038(H or N) in the value table. This means they do have the award, however with the problem we had with Banner, it didn't print on their award letter.

There is no problem with their award and they are still eligible to receive it.

If you have any questions in regards to President's Award, please let me know.

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MAILING ADDRESSES FOR STUDENTS - The Banner process is to send documents/letters to student's mailing address. As students are entered into Banner, they are given a mailing address. Currently what appears to be happening is that is a student corrects his address w/Univ, Banner is entering the new address as PERMANENT address. No correction is made to the mailing address. We are changing our procedures to mail OSFA docs/letters to Permanent Address. If one does not exist, we will mail to Mailing Address. We are checking with Records about their procedures.

Continuing students: we have been mailing to Local Address (which generally is Mailing Address in Banner). Because of Summer we are now changing this to Banner Permanent Address.

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PERSONAL MENUS in BANNER- There is a way to customize your personal menu in Banner - however, this feature has not yet been utilized. Some training will be given in the near future to help staff learn how to personalize their menus to display links to forms they use frequently.

PLUS PROM NOTES (8-14-03 Val)
We have been able to print 206 PLUS promissory notes today. We will be getting those out in the mail tomorrow. We are including an insert for those parents that may have signed an electronic note. The insert is attached so that you know what we are sending.

You would be able to see if a PLUS loan note printed on the RPALORG screen 2nd Block for the PLUS loan or the 2nd Block of RRAAREQ.

This is the INSERT:

Enclosed you will find your Federal Direct PLUS Loan Application and Master Promissory Note for the 2003-2004 academic year. If you have completed an electronic Promissory Note online at please do not complete the paper copy. If you did not sign an electronic Promissory note, please complete one copy and return it to the Office of Student Financial Aid and keep one copy for you records.

DIRECT LOANS - FIRST TIME BORROWERS - (Val) - Loan funds will not be disbursed for first-time borrowers regardless of grade level for students-- or parents' PLUS loans until 30 days after school starts (which means, September). This could cause some problems of students not having enough money to pay for housing, etc for the first month's bills--which, in turn, might add up to more phone calls from students and parents. ALL AID WILL CREDIT DURING THE FIRST MONTH OF SCHOOL, EXCEPT 1/2 OF THE LOAN FOR FIRST-TIME BORROWERS, WHICH WILL BE DISBURSED 30 DAYS AFTER SCHOOL STARTS.

Staff who are involved with Orientation will make sure to have this in their script.

  • A message may be added to the Award Letters concerning this information
  • The info will also be added to the website AND Ask Us.
  • OSFA will send e-mails to first-time borrowers in August

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LOANS - INTEREST RATES REDUCTION - Val has updated the information that we have regarding the new interest
rates and they are as follows:

Interest rates for Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans are
expected to be reduced starting July 1, 2003 to:

* 2.82% for students who are in-school
* 3.42% for those students in-repayment
* 4.22% for parent loans

You do not have to wait to apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan -

We are finalizing the procedures for the routing of award letters returned to us by students with changes. We are hoping that we will be able to start routing the letters sometime tomorrow. If you have people calling about the award letters please explain to them that we have a lot of paper coming in right now and that we are working to process the award letters as quickly as possible.

If they are calling about a PLUS request, please remember that we have not yet printed PLUS notes and right now do not yet know when that will happen. Please refer parents and students to the electronic promissory note if they are worried about timing. The webpage again for both parents and students to sign electronic promissory notes is

OSFA will be using the Accounts Receivable screen for Summer 2 and fall.

MAP AWARDS FOR FALL '03 - the Cutoff date will probably be August 8, 2003. Plan to again identify students who filed for aid in 2002-03 for whom we have not yet received the 2003-04 ISIR. An e-mail to all these students and a hardcopy letter to students who may be MPA eligible to FILE SOON!!!!

CREDITING of aid through RBM ENDS JUNE 26. SIS+ for Summer will still run. RBM will continue to run through Summer and 2003-04 to ASSESS the student tuition and fees, but no aid will credit. Banner will pick up the RBM assessments and process aid and payment credits and will process the bills from Fall '03 on.

Q. Concerning AR (Accounts Receivable), and aid crediting...
A. The first week in July, AR will be down and on July 7, AR will go"live." Aid crediting will appear in Banner the day after the first RBM run for Fall '03 disbursement, sometime around the first week in August.

Q. Student Credits - how do you handle them?
A. Counselors please call Val or Victor - they willl handle all of these.

IMAGING UPDATE - Students are now batching and imaging for same-day mail. Verification of documents is ongoing. REMINDER ABOUT IMAGES: Sub-docs refers to any duplicate of a document already in Banner. The highest number of subdoc is the most recently received document.

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We are confident that Michelle et al have fixed our Misfit problems. However, you may still see Misfits. These are students who have entered the packaging cycle but could not be awarded. Most of these students are people who have a Tracking Requirement that is outstanding, and therefore the MISFIT status is correct.

If you see MISFIT in the Packaging Group on ROASTAT or when you Toggle/Summary on RPAAWRD, you can look at the auto-hint line at the bottom of RPAAWRD. If it says:
"WARNING* Student has outstanding packaging requirements," the MISFIT status is correct.
Unprocessed/REJECTED SAR is also a reason for MISFIT status.

There may be other messages that correctly explain the MISFIT status. If, however, you do not think the MISFIT status is correct, please continue to notify Michelle and/or me.

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Q. If a student reaches their loan limit for the semester, can they still get aid for summer classes?

A. For students who have borrowed Direct Loans for their maximum eligibility and who have sufficient financial need, the following supplemental loans are available:
-Federal Perkins Loan --OR-- -University of Illinois Long Term Loan (These two loans are subsidized.)

Note: When STUDENTS are in repayment of these types of loans, there is an interest rate of 5%. The maximum PER SUMMER SESSION is $1,500 per student.

Q. How do I print one Award Letter from the Award Letters pdf file? (Susan)
A. If you wish to PRINT an award letter for a particular student, follow these steps:

1. FIND THE PARTICULAR STUDENT'S LETTER FIRST: Just click the binoculars icon= located in the right-top section of the pdf file page to "find" a particular keyword ( i.e. Paul). Click "OK" when you find the correct item/record you were looking for.

2. You MUST use the FILE-->Print function and specify which page you want to print.

3. You MUST change the PRINT RANGE from ALL to PAGES ____ to ____. You need to put the page number in both blanks, i.e., PAGES 19 to 19. Or, you can select "Current Page".

NOTE: If you just hit the PRINT icon ,you will get all 1151 printing. You will get the entire batch of 1156 Award Letters!

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Q. What happens with RBM after July 1?
A. Banner Accounts Receivable (Banner A/R) will be "live" in Banner on July 7th. After that date, all assessments for Summer '03 will be in Banner and all changes in aid will be entered into Banner in one of the following ways:

1. Manually entered into a mass-entry screen called, TSAMASS--or--
2. Automatic batch feeder program accepting aid change transactions

NOTE: TSAMASS is a replacement for "Keymaster"

Some discussion about RBM/SARR for Summer and Fall 2003. In addition to the FINANCE Courses, OSAC staff will be providing us with some training.

Finance charges for being on installments will increase to 1.5%. Late payment charges will increase to 1.75%.

The last time SARR will be used will be Summer RBM 07A on June 26. This information will create the SARR billing statement for July. From thereon, some information will be channeled through RBM and converted into Banner A/R (Accounts Receivable). Some will be processed (creditted or debitted) through a manual process.

Students will still be encumbered for delinquent balances, but there will no longer be the $25 Late Payment Charge.

Q. Will RBM still run for fall? What then?
A. Yes, but ONLY for Assessments. RBM's will continue for 1 yr. There is a transfer interface program that will run after the RBM program , that will put info into Banner. (RBM is called Banner A/R (Accounts Receivable) in Banner.)

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4-25-03 (Bill)
Q. When will Student Credits be made out and sent to students who show a student credit? Some of these have been entered since April 1.
A. Bill will shoot for around the 20th of the month for the refunds that we do not want to wait until the end of the month. Victor called Ginger about the refund checks already.Bill will get those keyed sometime Friday, April 25 and the check should be sent out Tuesday, April 29th - if we don't have any problems.

Q.Why don't we see UIN's in Banner after the student is admitted?
A.It is not really a timing issue. Every day students are admitted and the UIN program runs every night, however the problem seems to be that the program isn't picking up the right files. A Clarify Ticket has been submitted for this problem.

Q. What's a Clarify Ticket?
A. This is the format used when UI staff submit a question or problem to the Banner Help Desk. The question/problem goes first to UI Integrate Financial Aid staff and then on to others, if they can't solve it--until a resolution is found. Bob, Michelle and Greg are the ones who write up these Clarify Tickets for us.

Q. How can we find out when packaging was done?
A. Go to RPAAWRD-->Options-->Toggle/summary(packaging)

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Q. Why doesn't a student show up in Banner?
A. If a student is NOT in UI Direct, they are NOT in Banner. Students MUST be admitted in UI Direct.

9-9-03 (BOB)
I called Rose Franzen late yesterday afternoon to get an update on refunds and bills.

1. Last Friday's refund checks were all sent to the Mailing (MA) addresss in Banner. 200 students had their refunds addressed manually due to incorrect address in Banner. Rose is still concerned that there will be returned checks do to bad MA addresses. We have discovered that OSAC can only use one address type when preparing refund checks and they are using the MA address type. We are not sure how the checks are getting to residence halls correctly, based on this method.

2. PLUS refunds were created last night. Rose indicated that they send Refunds to Parents based on the amount of the PLUS loan. Rose thought most
of the earlier Parent refunds were correct but that a few may have been done incorrectly of missed. I think we need to review the Parent refund process with OSAC. Based on what Rose told me, the Plus refund is determined by the type of aid that paid the bill. For example, if there was a $1000 scholarship and a $4000 PLUS that finally paid the bill and left a $1500 refund, $1000 of the refund would go to the student and $500 would go to the Parent.

3. Tonight OSAC will create refunds for students from this past Sunday night's disbursement. NOTE: We can hold refunds for students, but they need
time to manually stop the refund. The refund process starts promptly at 5pm on Tuesdays, so be sure to get your requests in early. I would suggest in
the future, no later than noon on Tuesday, unless you make a personal call to Rose to cancel the refund.

4. As of 5pm the bills had not started printing and Rose had not been informed about the further delay. I will check this morning and let you know
the status.

Q. Will Direct Deposit on SAFARI still be available? What about the 2 different Direct Deposits? (financial aid/payroll)
A. No one is sure --, there may be no change. Bob will check into it.

8-22-03 (KIM)
I just checked with Student Accounts and Cashiering about how students will be informed this year when their direct deposits are made. Ginger indicated to me that the students will still receive an email as soon as the deposit is made (just like last year).

If a student indicates that they have received their direct deposit reimbursement but they did not get an email, we need to let Ginger know.

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Q. Which letters were just processed on Sunday?
A. The 3 types below...see RNARSLT in Banner for these. DO NOT CHANGE THESE Student records.

  1. Standard Tracking Letters - (missing info, selective service, etc.)
  2. Reject Letters - (unprocessed SAR's - formerly on the MIL letter)
  3. Drug Letters - to those who didn't answer the "drug" question ("Have you ever been convicted of a drug offense?"). Students MUST answer this question. See below:
  • If they answer "No", they are eligible for financial aid..
  • If they answer "Yes", they are not eligible for financial aid unless they are in an official rehab program and provide the required documentation to us. They get a letter.
  • If the did not answer the question at all, we need to get an answer. They get a letter.

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Updating of Records Schedule
Q. When are records updated on Banner? Banner Production Schedule
A. Every night, is User field update and/or award update. Other updates are run n order. Packaging cannot be run for all three campuses on the same night. See other Banner Production Schedule below:

  • Mon - regular updates
  • Tues-(packaging for Springfield)
  • Wed-
    • CORR (corrections from us);
    • Direct Loans updates-not yet;
    • (packaging for Chicago)
  • Thurs- Packaging Urbana
  • Fri-regular updates
  • Sat-regular updates
  • Sun-
    • GPGS (general person/general student records) from UI Direct;
    • ISIR load (SARA records;
    • Class updates that put the exact class for Fall '03 into Banner's "Year in College" fields;
    • Budgeting;
    • Tracking (this includes the 3 types of tracking letters explained above)

Q. What do the symbols '@', 's', 'c' mean in the Banner ID field?
A. The first three "types" of ID's are "stages" in a process. When Banner sees the @, C, S, it triggers the system to request a UIN from icard. Urbana admits students directly into Banner, so we don't have another code. Remember, that we can see All Students from All Campuses in Banner. If you see a C or S for a student who is admitted in Urbana, they might have applied, but were never admitted, OR, they may be admitted at 2 campuses--we don't know for sure. See explanation of codes below:

  • @ ID = This ID is assigned to any student who applies to Chicago or Springfield, BEFORE they are admitted. (Do NOT attach ISR's to these!)
  • c ID = Chicago admitted the student, but they are not in the legacy system in Banner yet
  • s ID = Springfield admitted the student, but they are not in the legacy system in Banner yet
  • 6 ID = 'true' admit for any campus - this is the official UIN that appears on the icard.

Banner keeps a running list of all these changes to the number code. The one that is left-justified is the CURRENT ONE. Send any anomalies to Susan.

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RBM Info (MaryAnn)
Tuesday 6-16-03
I'm assuming that you will be able to check that system to see who got aid, tomorrow. Another way to check is to look on RMS or Document Direct for the following reports:

A357#CRA07-"All RBM Aid by Stu. Name/SSN/..."
A357UADF01-"Used Aid by Donor" report

Also, there will be a paper copy(Victor's) in the desk east of Vonnie's, and one for 2nd floor staff, opposite Lori's desk.

Remember that you will need to do a 'right 55' command on RMS, in order to read the "used aid" amounts on both of these reports. The command to return to the leftmost margin is: 'left max'.

Remember that the next rbm run is scheduled for this Thurs. eve.,6/19--Spring RBM14A--Final Spring run. We'll not need to hold updating for that run;program 590(calculates FDL aid and brings in earn/paids,cancels and changes transact.), followed by pgm.860(sets up disbursements to send) and the send job of disb. info. to the COD section are scheduled to run that night.

8-20-30 (VAL)

Please make all Direct Loan Promissory Note Reprint Requests in writing either by the form or by email to Bill. This is due to the way that the reprints are processed in Banner.

9-4-03 (Val)
As some of you may have heard in the meeting yesterday, when a change to a direct loan is made on RPAAWRD another change has to be made to the RPALORG screen in order for the change to be complete. We currently get a report that is worked before each disbursement run so that these changes will be reflected. You do not need to email me if you are reducing a loan on RPAAWRD. Those should show up on the report.

If you are changing a loan to a fall only or spring only loan or doing an uneven split you will need to email the UIN so that I can make the change on RPALORG.

If you find a student that is not a freshman but their loans are being held because the system believes they are a freshman email me the UIN and I will make the change.

I think that covers everything that I can think of at the moment. As always if you have any questions, please let me know.


PLUS Loans Processing 0304 Procedures (8-29-03 Val)

In an earlier email I stated that we had sent a batch of PLUS loans for credit checks. There were a total of 203 sent in the first batch. We have received the credit checks back for the 203 and they have been uploaded into Banner. You can see the result of the credit check on the first block of RPALORG in the Origination Status field. It will have a C=for Credit accepted and D for Credit Denied.

We have sent a second batch of 17 last night we have not yet uploaded those credit checks into Banner.

You can see if a PLUS has been sent for a credit check but not yet received back. It will show Sent in the origination status field and it will have a batch id in the Batch ID Field.

We are however having an issue with bringing in the electronic signatures. Those that have kicked out, which are all the PLUS so far, are being manually entered. I have a majority of them in but it was a fairly large list so I am still working on it.

Please let me know if you have any questions, VAL.

Mid-August 8-4-03
This is hopefully a clarification on some questions it seems that we have been getting from parents regarding the PLUS loans for 0304.

There are two websites that parents may be visiting and entering information about a PLUS loan for 0304.

Site 1 is our online PLUS request form that is located on our website...
Site 2 is the online PLUS MPN electronic signature website...

The issue that has been brought to my attention is that some parents are thinking that they are done when they complete the online form. Depending on which form they are speaking about determines how to answer their question. Either way, if a parent has completed only one form they are not completely done.

If the parent completes the OSFA PLUS request online form, they will still need to complete either the PLUS MPN that we will send them in the mail or go online and sign an electronic PLUS MPN.

If the parent completes the PLUS MPN electronic note online, they will still need to contact us to let us know that they want a PLUS loan, provide us with the same information they always have so that we can originate the loan and have a credit check done. Otherwise they will have a note signed but we will never process a loan for them because we do not know that they want the loan. (The process is the same with an UNSUB. The student could have a valid MPN on file but we won't process the loan until the student notifies us that they want it and how much they want.)

If the parent completes both forms at both websites then yes they have completed everything that they would need to.

It may seem as if the parent is doing more work if they have to go to both websites but they are not. Either way they still have to request a loan and sign a note.

The signing of a note electronically does speed up the process because we do not have to print the note, mail it, have the parent complete it, mail it back and then us enter it into banner. Also there isn't the issue with the note getting lost in the mail or misplaced in the office, etc.

I hope that this helps explain the process. Basically you need to make sure you find out which online form the parent has completed.

PLUS REFUNDS FROM SUMMER II - Many of you do not have access to SPAIDEN. RPAIDEN provides the same information.

The PLUS refunds for Summer II RBM 08B will be going to the parents that the loan was processed for. The checks will look like the following layout...

"Student Name"
OR "Parent Name"
Parent Street Address
Parent City, State Zip

If you want to see what address the PLUS check will be mailed to you will need to go to SPAIDEN. In the Address Information block you will need to locate the PA address by using your arrow keys on your keyboard or the next record button in the toolbar.


9-4-04 (Val)
Since PLUS Promissory notes are now Master Promissory Notes, as long as the same parent that took out the original PLUS loan is asking for an increase, we do not need to use a new fund code. We will want to receive increase requests in writing. Unfortunately we have no way of putting the increase in the same fund code as the original in an offer status until we receive the written request. For now we will need to put the increase into the next fund code which should be 1121DP until we receive the written request. When the loan unit receives the written request we will switch the increase request from 1121DP to the 1120DP and create the origination on the RPALORG screen. Please note that even though the note is a Master note, any increases will still have to have a credit check done.

UNSUB is similar to the PLUS in that we will want a written acceptance of any increases. Again we will have to put any increases into the next fund code of 1141DU until the written acceptance is received. Once the Loan Unit receives the request, we will change the 1141DU to the 1140DU.

9-3-03 (Bob)
As you know we are at least 3 weeks behind in processing Parent Loans. Parents are now starting to get the bills that will be due a week from Friday (9/26/03). I would like to keep track of the parent's name, student's name and UIN so we can review the list and request a waiver of finance charge after October 1st. Tomorrow Victor will Walk through the steps. If you have a parent or student call today about delays in processing their PLUS loan, please keep the information and then forward to the appropriate person after you are told the steps.

Hopefully we will have information on waivers of finance charges in general shortly.

(8-4-03 VAL)
Here is some information for those of you who may be fielding questions concerning PLUS loan requests already made.

We were finally able to start entering PLUS requests made either online(at or by paper starting early last week. Bill has been working on them and has about 30 that are not yet entered into Banner. Hopefully by tomorrow, when Banner is back up, we will be all caught up.

If you are looking in Banner you can see which ones we have entered requests for in one of two places. If you are looking on RPAAWRD and we have entered the PLUS request the PLUS loan will be in ACPT status. We had to have a way to identify which loans would need a Promissory note printed so we decided to put any loans with a request in Accept status. The other form you would look at is RPALORG. In the first block, if we have processed a PLUS request, there will be a PLUS loan origination created. It should be the first loan to appear in the first block of RPALORG.

We have not yet printed the notes for those requests that we have entered. We hope to be able to print the notes sometime this week. If you have a parent that is very concerned about time you can always suggest they sign the electronic promissory note at

MPNs FOR SUB & UNSUB lOANS - TO BILL (8-11-03 Val)

All PAPER MPNs for Sub and Unsub loans received by Bill as of today have been entered into Banner. To see if we have received and processed a note you would need to go to either second block of RRAAREQ. The loan Satisfied Indicator will be checked and the date it was satisfied will be next to it.

There were about 6 notes that will have to be returned to students because the note was either completed incorrectly or not fully completed. We are currently returning them to the student's permanent address and putting a RHACOMM on.

SUBMIT MPSCREDITS TO Bill or Brenda for processingClick below for the correct form:

  • Student Credit/Student Charge form
  • Direct Loan Student Charge/Credit form

    What are the steps to complete the form? Same process for both loans and other aid.

    · When charging back a student, check SARR and RSIAREV and SIS+ to be certain that the student had previously received the credit. You cannot rely on SIS+ earned paid information.
    · When crediting a student check, SARR AND RSIAREV and SIS+ to be certain that the student has not previously received a credit. You cannot rely on SIS+ earned paid information.
    · When crediting a student, check UI Direct to make sure student was registered (and successfully completed the semester for Direct Loans) for the semester you are wanted to pay.
    · For Direct Loans, check 385 to make sure we have a good MPN on file.
    · Be sure that student name and UIN are correct on the form.
    · For all aid other than Direct Loans, complete the Student Credit/Student Charge form showing the student's name, UIN and SSN, the term, the year, the fund name and SIS+ subcode, detail code (which can be located on RFRBASE in Banner and is the first four characters of the awards fund code in Banner), total award amount, amount paid by RBM or on RSIAREV(if any), amount to pay student or amount to bill student, requestor's full name and date submitted.
    · For Direct Loans complete the Direct Loan Student Charge/Credit form showing the date submitted, full name of requestor, student's name, UIN and SSN, circle the type of loan you are wanting to process, circle the term, and enter the year, new award amount, previous award amount, and amount to be paid or amount to be billed.
    · Be sure that the detail code is entered correctly on the form. (This is only relevant when completing the Student Credit/Student Charge form. The Direct Loan Student Charge/Credit form has the detail code already listed.)
    · Enter a message that you have completed the charge/credit, the amount, the fund and short explanation of the reason.

    Steps for identifying the Detail code:
    1. At Direct Access type in RFRBASE
    2. You will get this screen

    3. Click the Enter query button.
    4. Tab to the Description field and type in what aid you are searching for. Be sure to use wildcards.
    5. Your results should come back and the detail code you need is in the AR Detail field. Enter that number on the Student Credit/Student Charge form.
    6. If you know the Banner Fund code for the Aid you are wanting to credit/charge, the detail code is the first four characters